Water Toys Packs

We offer packs of aquatic toys for rent where you can enjoy different products such as SEABOB or FLITEBOARD at a better price.



per day



per day



per day

For rentals of 3 to 6 days a 5% discount is applied. In the case of rentals
of more than 6 days a 10% discount is applied.

Points where we deliver Onboard

We deliver in all these ports and harbors, always with a previous confirmation
from our team, as well as sessions and private lessons on yachts.

For locations other than those listed above, please consult our team via whatsapp or email for possibilities and conditions.


Hear what people are saying about our Water Toys Packs rental in Barcelona.

5/5 – (29 votes)

Gerard Capdells


We rented the FLY Pack with SEABOB and FLITEBOARD for 3 days in Playa de aro, it was a great decision as the kids were able to try both and they were delighted.


The SEABOB pack is wonderful, it is always better two than one so the kids go together to explore the caves of the Costa Brava, as we rented it for a week they gave us a very good discount.

Maria Galeon

Jonás Del Bosque


We love the toys and enjoyed the seabob and the efoil with all our friends, it's a great option for a birthday, go sailing and have toys on board. The baiha de palamos is a great place to practice eFoil.


Our children loved the SEABOB, we were anchored in Begur with crystal clear waters, it was a perfect day.

Paul Damensh

Giralda Bornaikea


We spent a family day with the toys on board, it was wonderful, the day where the sea is flatter is the best time to use the eFoil.


We had the familiy pack on board for a week, we had a great time and we were lucky with the SEABOB fast charger because the children did not stop for a single moment, with them they could reach the rocky coves of the Costa Brava very easily.

Pepe Casaoberta

Gimds Lomnash


The fliteboard is the toy that my friends like the most, they did not stop using it non-stop, we laughed a lot, we were on the beach of playa de aro, we had an extraordinary day.


We have rented several times with WTT in Barcelona, the truth is that they are wonderful and the offers they offer with the packs are amazing. Whenever we rented it we enjoyed it very much.

Pablo Gregori