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Onewheel GTS 3.900,00 
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Onewheel GTS


Onewheel GTS is the new sake of Onewheel which opens a new S series. It is the most powerful onewheel ever made by the brand, it offers a lot of power and autonomy with a lighter weight than the GT version. Thanks to its application we can adjust the parameters to our needs.

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Onewheel GT S-Series, GT S-Series Home Charger, Black Maghandle Pro

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Factory upgraded for next-level performance.


40 Km/h


From 25 to 40 km

Form, material and process
beautifully intertwined

The strength and lightness of pure Japanese HMPP
carbon fibre construction allowed Newson to create a board
that is both beautiful and functional. Optimum stiffness and
weight with ultra-efficient hydrodynamics.


With a state-of-the-art 113V powertrain you can fly up hills and into the wind while enjoying added torque, power and control at speed.


Entirely re-designed battery, BMS and power stage. 50% more voltage and mind blowing performance in a lighter package.


Slimmer S-Series Lowboy footpads lower the ride. Refined concave, rounded edges and a 24mm kick in the back.

50% More Voltage

50% more than our previous models which provides for mind-blowing acceleration at medium-to-high speeds, unbelievable stability at speed, and incredible hill climbing capabilities.

More Voltage means More Power.
More power to plow over rocks and roots.
More power to keep you stable at high speeds.
More power to stop when you absolutely need to.

1 Kg

Thanks to a fully re-engineered battery, BMS and power stage, peak performance is now lighter. Two pounds lighter than Onewheel GT to be exact.


Adjust your aggressiveness profile
turn compensation, dynamic responsiveness and much more in the Onewheel app with Custom Shaping 3.0.

The best accessories to go with the Onewheel GTS


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