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Fliteboard Ultra


Carbon Black with Black 75cm Mast

For seasoned riders who want to push the boundaries of what’s possible on an eFoil.

Maximum rider: 100kg
Weight: 17kg + Flitecell

Volume: 57L
Optional extra: Footstraps

First mandatory inspection included


First class with instructor


Attention of a specialist efoils advisor


Complete management of warranties

2 years Included

01. Materials & Finishes

The Fliteboard Ultra model offers two different finishes, a black carbon board where we can integrate footstraps or a special model the Ultra L in gold where the entire unit is made of carbon offering a lower weight than the normal version.

Price extra: 0€

Ultra Black

Price extra: +2.130€

Ultra L Gold

Price extra: 0€


Price extra: +500€

Flite Jet

02. Propulsion

Jet or Prop? You decide. Fliteboard gives us the option to have two different types of propulsion, the JET or the Propeller. Each of them offers different sensations, to know the difference we invite you to contact us to adjust the configuration to your needs.

03. Battery

Fliteboard offers several battery options, you can opt for less weight and less autonomy or increase the weight of all the equipment and enjoy longer routes on the water.

Flitecell Sport

Our standard battery for sports enthusiasts wanting an agile, fast ride.

Price extra: 0€

Flitecell Explorer

A bigger battery for adventure seekers wanting to go further.

Price extra: +1.000€

04. Charger

We have different battery chargers for the efoil fliteboard, different options for fast or ultra-fast charging.

Standard Charger

Charges the Flitecell Explore in 3 hours.

Price extra: 0€

Fast Charger

Charges the Flitecell Explore in under 2 hours.

Price extra: 500€

05. Wings

The proposed configuration includes a set of Flyer wings. Versatile wings for beginners in eFoil.

Flyer wing 800 kit

There are many different wing configurations depending on the rider’s level, what he/she is looking for and the type of board being used. There are wings for every moment and for every feeling.

If you want we can help you to make the best decision about which wings to choose for your new Fliteboard.

What is included in the basic configuration of FLITEBOARD?

Advantages included in the purchase of a Fliteboard only by Water Toys Team


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