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How do I make a purchase in your store?

You can browse our selection of Water Toys and select the product you’re interested in. Instead of making a direct payment, submit a purchase request.

How do I submit a purchase request?

When selecting the desired product, you’ll find an option to submit a purchase request. Fill out the form with your details and preferences.

Why can't I make a direct payment?

We’ve opted for a personalized approach to provide you with the best possible service. By submitting a request, our experts can offer specific information about the product and the shipping process.

How long does it take for an expert to respond to my request?

Our team of experts strives to respond to all requests within 24 business hours.

How is the shipping time and product availability determined?

Our experts will review your request and provide detailed information on the estimated shipping time and product availability at that moment.

What shipping method is used, and what are the associated costs?

The shipping method will vary depending on the product and location. Our experts will inform you about available options and associated costs in their response to your request.

Can I cancel my request after submitting it?

Yes, you can cancel your request at any time before receiving confirmation from the expert. Once confirmed, the order will be in process and cannot be canceled.

How can I track my order after making the purchase?

Once your request is confirmed and the order is shipped, we will provide you with tracking details so you can monitor your package.

Do you offer return and refund options?

Yes, we offer return and refund options. For more details, please refer to our return policy or contact our support team.

Can I place international orders?

Yes, we accept international purchase requests. However, please note that shipping times and costs may vary based on the location. Our team will provide detailed information regarding this matter.

Are there any additional fees or charges beyond the product and shipping costs?

Our experts will transparently communicate any additional fees, such as customs duties or taxes, that may apply to your order.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your Water Toys?

Yes, we provide warranties or guarantees on select products. Details about the warranty coverage will be included in the information provided by our experts.

Can I modify my order after it has been confirmed?

Once your order is confirmed, modifications may be limited. Contact our support team as soon as possible to discuss any necessary changes.

How can I contact customer support for further assistance?

You can reach our customer support team through the contact information provided on our website or within the response to your purchase request.

What happens if the product I want is out of stock?

In the event that a product is out of stock, our experts will inform you of the situation and may provide alternatives or an estimated restocking date.


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