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is a specialized team of hydrodynamists
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to push the limits of foiling.

Increase the power of your output, spend less time paddling and get unreachable waves.
unreachable waves. Whatever your discipline, the FLITELab* AMP range is designed to get you up on your feet and surf the
you to stand up and surf the impossible.

Find your perfect FLITE Lab

Our experts will help you find the best options to suit your needs and have the perfect Foil for you.



It provides a perfectly timed impulse for your output with zero resistance and hands free.

AMP Jet is a removable, self-contained element that provides optimal power for pronating foilers, wingers and downwind enthusiasts to get up and ride with ease regardless of the conditions. The strategic placement of the AMP Jet ensures there is no added drag, maintaining the integrity of the board’s performance throughout the ride.

The AMP Board
does not require a remote control

Allows users to activate the AMP Jet for a power boost, hands-free. The LAUNCH Pad allows riders to customize the power, force and timing of the boost, while a smart feature monitors the rider’s position, automatically cutting power once up on the foil or in the event of a fall.

In addition, the LAUNCH Pad provides real-time session data through a dynamic display and the Flite app.

AMP Mast

Integrates a streamlined engine below the waterline to power takeoffs and quickly return to formation.

What is the AMP mast?

It promises to have the same power at the fingertips, but allows riders to smoothly navigate through waves, return to formation and catch the next wave, all while standing up.

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